Friday, April 22, 2011

Check Out What Was in My Mailbox

Okay, technically not my mailbox, since there was too much stuff to fit in the box and the mail carrier had to bring everything to our front door. But the stuff in this picture is what arrived at our house yesterday afternoon:

Over the last few weeks, I signed up online to receive several free samples. One of the best parts is that they're so quick to enter, I usually forget after I've done it, so I'm always pleasantly surprised when I open the mailbox and see the goodies waiting for me. 

Here is what's in the photo:
-Travel size Secret deodorant
-2 Always pads, 2 Tamax Pearl tampons
-4 Always/Tampax coupons
-2 10-count packages of Tide Stain Release
-2 packages of Tide Stain Release, good for one load each
-2 coupons for a free Luna Bar, 2 $.50/1 Luna Bar coupons (a couple weeks ago I contacted Luna Bar through their website, just to let them know I love their product- not even asking for coupons- and this is what I got!)

If you frequent a site like Money Saving Mom, you can learn about all of those free sample giveaways without having to track them down yourself. Spend a few minutes each day signing up for a couple different ones, and soon your mailbox will be overflowing, too!


  1. I love this! I follow tons of saving/freebie sites. It's so fun because most of the time it takes a long time for the stuff to get to you, so you've totally forgotten about it! Every day when I open my mailbox it's like Christmas LOL!

  2. Same with me! I never remember what I've requested, so I'm always surprised when it gets to me!