Monday, May 23, 2011

Where I Get My Coupons

1. The Sunday Paper
I choose to subscribe to the Sunday paper. I paid $22.75 for 13 weeks of delivery ($1.75/week, Sundays only). I think it's cheaper to purchase the paper each week, but if you're like me and have a baby at home and a spouse who works Sundays, you might be willing to pay an extra quarter or two each week for the convenience of having the paper delivered to your front door. Maybe you have a baby at home and a spouse who doesn't work Sundays, and you'd love an excuse to run to Starbucks every Sunday morning.

Keep in mind that a subscription to the Sunday newspaper is not always necessary. Chances are you have family/friends/neighbors who subscribe but don't use their coupons. Hit them up! I'm sure they'd be willing to save their inserts for you, especially if you hook them up with some free toothpaste every now and then. Even if you decide to subscribe to the paper, you should still ask around for unused inserts. If a product you use often is on sale for an irresistible deal, you'll want to be able to stock up.

2. Facebook
If you follow a few blogs, guessed it, Money Saving Mom, you'll stay informed about coupon offers via Facebook. For most of these offers, all you have to do is "like" the company on Facebook, and you will be able to print a coupon. The same goes for free samples. Often you simply "like" the company or product, enter your mailing information, and then you get a free sample. Many free samples also come with coupons.

3. Ask For Them
If you're a frequent blog reader (which, hello, you should be) then you've seen my previous posts about getting coupons by contacting companies about their products. A couple weeks ago I contacted Lipton Tea, via their website, to tell them how much I enjoy their product and to say that I would gladly accept any coupons they might have to offer. Today I received a packet in the mail from Unilever, Lipton's parent company. It includes more than $10 in coupons for brands like Dove, Ragu, Axe, Lipton, Breyers, and more. All for simply letting them know what a great job they're doing!

4. Coupon Websites
There are several great websites for printing coupons. A couple are: Coupon Network, Red Plum, and Target. Most of these sites reset their coupons at the start of each month, so be sure to visit soon. Then check them out again the first of next month, before the best coupons reach their printing limits. Also, please note that most sites allow you to print each coupon two times from one computer. That means, for every computer you have in your home, you can print a coupon twice.

5. At The Store
You know those blinking coupon dispensers that, when you were a kid, you thought were placed in the grocery store aisles as your own personal scavenger hunt? Well, it turns out those coupons can actually be used for products you purchase. Just keep your eyes open for them when your cruising the store. If you see one for something you might buy, grab a couple to save for later and pair with a great sale.

These are the ways I get most of my coupons, but there are LOTS more. If you've found coupons in an interesting or unusual way, let us know!

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