Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rite Aid

I took the boys to Rite Aid today so I could show Jonathan what this couponing thing is all about. I'm glad it ended up being an exceptionally good trip. I think he was impressed! This is how it went:
- 2 Purex laundry detergent, on sale $.197. I used 2 $1/1 coupons and paid $.97 each.
-Colgate toothbrush, $2.99. I used $1/1 coupon, making it $1.99.
-2 Crest ProHealth toothpaste, $2.99 each. I used a $1/2 coupon, making them $2.49 each.
-Sure deodorant, $1.49. I used a $1/1 coupon, so it was $.49.
-2 Stride gum, $1.29 each (these were supposed to be on sale for $1 each, but I didn't catch it until I got home and looked at my receipt). I used 1 $1/2 coupon, so they were $.79 each.
The total after coupons was $10.98.
I had a $4 UPR from a previous visit, plus a $2 UPR from the purchase of the toothbrush.
I paid: $4.98.
I also have 2 more $2 UPRs from the toothpaste. If I had been paying better attention, I would have made sure the gum rang up as $1 each and split the items into more transactions (I only did two) so that I could utilize all of the UPRs. If I had done that, my total for everything would have been $.40. Jonathan REALLY would have been impressed by that!

***If some of the things I mentioned above (multiple transactions, UPRs) didn't make sense to you, head over here to learn about maximizing your savings at Rite Aid. And be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

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