Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Safeway Trip

I'm so excited to share tonight's Safeway trip with y'all! This store frustrates me to no end; their prices are mostly outrageous, their "sales" are often unimpressive, and they seem to rearrange the store on a monthly basis. Last night I went to Safeway with a list of 4 or 5 things that I wanted to purchase before the sales started over today. I left the store with two containers of Lysol wipes... and nothing else. I just wasn't happy with their selection of sale items.

Tonight, I spent a good amount of time preparing a list and gathering coupons. When shopping at Safeway, I use the coupon match-ups found here. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you that I did two separate transactions tonight. The first included all of the items I'm about to tell you about. The second included all of the things that I paid too much money for: produce, chicken breast, 72 ounces of cream cheese for the three cheesecakes I have to make on Friday. Those were the products that, were this weekend not shaping up to be cuh-razy, I'd buy at Walmart.

With those disclaimers in mind, here is what I got tonight...
-Set of five Gladware containers with interlocking lids, $1.99 after in-ad coupon.
-Four packages of Safeway brand hamburger buns and one package of Safeway brand hot dog buns, $.79 each after in-ad coupon. Most of these will go in the freezer.
-Two bags of Tostitos tortilla chips, $1.67 each (Wednesday only special).
-Four containers of Gerber baby food, $.75 each after $1/4 coupon printed from a previous transaction.
-Foster Farms ground turkey, $3.99.
-Banana Boat sunscreen spray, $3.49 after $1/1 manufacturer's coupon, doubled to $1.50.
-Wishbone Italian salad dressing, $.69 after in-ad coupon and $.50/1 manufacturer's coupon.
-Four packages of Oscar Mayer hot dogs, $.24 each after in-ad coupon and two $1/2 manufacturer's coupons, doubled to $1.50 each.
-Four Totino's pizzas, $.75 each after $.50/4 manufacturer's coupon, doubled to $1.
I paid: $24.41

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