Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Discounted Organic Milk

I would love to buy organic milk, but I just can't justify paying twice as much per gallon. I've seen blog posts from people who check their local grocery store often (these are people shopping at places with a natural/organic selection slightly better than the one at Sweet Home's Safeway) and end up getting great deals on about-to-expire organic milk.

Well, on Tuesday I was one of those people! I bought a half gallon of Safeway brand organic milk for $1.40, or 50% off it's original price. Since I pay $2.50 for a gallon of regular milk, the organic was only $.30 more. That's a price difference I can handle. The milk was half price because it had a sell-by date of May 20 (I made the purchase on May17). Milk is good for about a week past that printed date, and since we use about a gallon per week around here, I know we'll use this half gallon well before it goes bad.

If you come across a milk sale that's too good to pass up, but you don't think your family can drink it before it expires, you can always freeze it. Just check out Still Tasty to learn the guidelines. I wouldn't advise drinking the milk after it's been frozen, just for taste reasons, but it's great for baking. Money Saving Mom has a waffle recipe that's a great way to use frozen milk.

If I can find deals this great on a regular basis, we just might become an organic milk only family!

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