Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Website Wednesday: Homemade Mamas

I can't remember how I found Homemade Mamas. I believe it was one of those sites that I stumbled across by clicking a link at a blog I read regularly. That link led to another, which led to another, which brought me to Homemade Mamas.

And, goodness, I'm glad it did. Homemade Mamas is pretty much just a website run by three moms who are constantly looking at the world around them and asking "could I make that myself?" They document their attempts, both the successes and the failures, for all their readers to see.

Admittedly, there are many projects on the site that I have no desire to attempt. Some because I'm happy with my store-bought version, some because the project requires too many materials, and some because their homemade version doesn't quite turn out right.

But for every one of those posts that I skimmed by, there were two more that peaked my interest. I encourage you to browse the site, because I guarantee you'll find at least one tutorial that you want to try. A few of my favorites are the fused plastic bib (if you have any other great ideas for this fused plastic, please let me know), bleach pen painting, and easy bath fizzies.

I'd suggest logging into Pinterest before you check out Homemade Mamas, because this site will make you want to pin like crazy.

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