Saturday, October 8, 2011

Super Savings Saturday

Last Sunday, G and I went to Rite Aid and Walgreens. That little guy is such a trooper during our Sunday afternoon drug store shopping trips. He doesn't fuss at all as I drag him in and out of the car seat. I'm glad he was so good on Sunday, because it was certainly a worthwhile trip.
From Rite Aid we got:
-2 Halls cough drops, on clearance for $.62 each; I got $1 +Up Reward
-5 Dove shampoos, I paid $8.50 total after coupons and sales; I got $5 +Up Reward
-Scope mouthwash, I paid $2 and got $2 +Up Reward
-2 Rite Aid brand seasonings, $.90 each
-Pert Plus shampoo, I paid $2 and got $2 +Up Reward
-2 Gillette Body Wash, I paid $4 and got $2 +Up Reward

From Walgreens:
-Cepacol sore throat lozenges, I paid $2.99 and got $2.99 Register Reward
-2 Nivea lip balm, I paid $1 for both
-Kleenex cool touch tissues, I paid $1 and got $.50 Register Reward
-Cottonelle toilet paper (not pictured), I paid $3.50
-Sparkly hair clips (not pictured), $1- these are for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.
(I had a $5 Register Reward from the week before, so my entire Walgreens shopping trip cost me $1.27)

There are some great freebies this week at both Rite Aid and Walgreens, so I'm hoping to head out tomorrow and replenish some of the areas of our stockpile that are getting low. It's funny how supplying toiletries for two parents, two metrosexual college-age boys, and a 13 year old girl, can deplete your reserves.

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