Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gifts to Grow

I think I mentioned a few days ago that we're an exclusively Pampers family. Because of this, I'm extra careful in finding great deals on diapers; I can't imagine paying full price for them. By constantly monitoring the prices on diapers and wipes at Amazon Mom, I'm able to purchase diapers for $.10 each and wipes for $.02 each.

But there's also another way that I'm able to justify purchasing brand name diapers. It's called Pampers Gifts to Grow. If you've ever bought a Pampers product, you may have noticed the small stickers with 15 digit codes on the package. You can set up an account with Pampers online, and then enter the codes there. When you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for different rewards.

Prizes include Melissa & Doug puzzles, gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and more. A couple months ago I redeemed my points for a Venus razor. In the store, that same razor would have easily cost me $7 or $8. I got something for free because of purchases I would have made anyway.

There's more good news! Pampers often offers additional codes, including some worth up to 50 points. Many bloggers will compile a list of codes, like this one. If you get signed up today and enter all the codes found at that link, you'll be starting your account with 335 points. That's nearly halfway to the free razor.

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