Friday, June 24, 2011

Diaper Leaks

Just this past week, G has started sleeping on his stomach. I guess he's finally figured out that it's more comfortable than his back, which is fine with us, because we're more than ready for his flat head to regain a normal shape.

Along with this new stomach-sleeping, though, has come daily diaper leaks. Every morning when he wakes up (he usually sleeps between 8 and 10 hours) the front of his pajamas and the sheet are soaked. I Googled the problem and found a lot of information on the subject, along with recommendations to fix it. However, a lot of it doesn't apply to us.

For instance, the issue isn't that we're using off-brand diapers, nor are his diapers too small. The problem isn't that the diapers are overflowing because they're too full; most mornings the diaper doesn't really have much pee in it at all (duh, because it's all over his bed).

These are the suggestions I plan to try: putting him in diapers the next size up, even though I know his aren't too small. First I have to find size 4 diapers for very cheap, so this one might take a few weeks to implement. I'm also going to try making sure his penis (I've vowed not to refer to his boy parts using euphemisms; I'm afraid the term "wee wee" might stick, and that's never a good thing for a grown man to use) is pointing down, between his legs, when I put him down for the night.

It was also suggested in the reading I did that overnight diapers are a good fix. I really don't want to try this, because a) I don't want to have to buy two kinds of diapers and b) a lot of babies sleep primarily on their stomachs without experiencing leaks- there has to be a better solution than that.

Now that I've rambled on for five paragraphs about our family's diaper leak issues (can you tell we only have one child?) I'm going to ask for help. Have you encountered this problem? How did you fix it? I'm open to any and all suggestions! And, because I know my audience will be waiting with baited breath, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on how it goes. Thanks in advance for your help!

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