Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Share Your Opinion

If you've been hanging around here for a while, you might have read about my experiences with getting coupons just by telling a manufacturer that I like their product, like the posts here and here. Thanks to the internet, it takes only a minute to find a company's website and give them your feedback.

I've decided that, during the month of August, I'm going to contact one company each day. I'll choose companies that make products we use frequently at our house. I won't contact them with complaints or criticisms (unless I have a valid one); instead, I'll just let them know that we appreciate the product and would gladly accept any coupons they have to offer.

In order to accomplish this, I'll need a list of 31 products/companies. I've started compiling that list in my head (a dangerous place for it, I know). When it's complete, I'll post the list here and keep it updated as I hear back from companies. I invite all of you to provide suggestions for companies to contact, and to join me in the process. All of our lists will look different, since we all use different brands and products, so I look forward to seeing who you plan to contact!

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