Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A few weeks ago, I posted about a Living Social deal to soap.com. The deal was a $20 voucher to soap.com for $10. I purchased the deal, knowing that the prices at soap.com are often much higher than what I would pay at Walmart or Target. I was confident that, with research, sales, and the free shipping that soap.com offers on first time orders over $25, I could make the purchase worthwhile.

My order arrived last week, and this is what I got:
For the sake of this price breakdown, let’s do some math. I paid $10 for a $20, voucher, or 50%. My order total was $27, and I paid $17, or 63%, which means I saved 37%. Still with me? Just remember that 37%; I’ll be using it right now.

-Burt’s Bees lip balm, two pack: $5.50. Based on the above math, I saved 37%, so I only paid $3.47, or $1.74 each.
-Infant Advil: $5.99. At 37% off, that’s $3.77
-C. Booth body scrub: $6.25. With the discount, I paid $3.93. I must confess, this was a splurge just for me; body scrub isn’t something you’ll typically find on my stock-up list.
-Accu-Clear pregnancy test, three pack: $8.95. After a 37% discount, the price was $5.64. Nope, I don’t plan to need this anytime soon, but I’ve realized that pregnancy tests are something that, when I think I need one, I’ll pay full price for. It’s better to have a few on hand that I bought inexpensively to avoid paying an arm and a leg.

As you can see, I got some good deals. Nothing that’s going on my all-time best list (no, I don’t really have one of those), but I’m still happy with the transaction. If you purchased the soap.com deal, I’d love to know what you bought with it!

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