Wednesday, March 30, 2011


In the last two weeks I've won:
- a personalized wipe case
- $75 worth of jewelry to the super cute website Belleza Mia
- a bottle of Purex with Zout
-A bottle of Smelly Washer washing machine cleaner
- a bottle of Purex Crystals fabric softener
- $50 to Retro Planet

Let me begin by saying that I am NOT a lucky person. However, I've recently discovered a large network of what I like to refer to as Mom Blogs. There are dozens of mom bloggers out there whose goal it is to make life just a little easier for the rest of us. They blog about exactly which coupons to pair with which sales at which stores to maximize savings. They blog about where to get free samples. They blog about what they're doing to save their families the most money.

Many of these bloggers review products, and then host giveaways for their followers. The giveaways range from granola bars to handmade hair bows to facial moisturizer to children's music CDs. A few weeks ago I spent several hours entering all the giveaways I could find for products I'd actually use. One by one those giveaways are ending, and I'm actually winning some of them!

The best part is, the majority of the giveaways are super easy to enter. And no, you don't have to scour the web to find these great prizes; many bloggers compile lists for you. My personal favorite site for that is Money Saving Mom. Good luck!

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